I grew up surrounded by rainbow coloured cans and fan decks! You could say that I developed an interest in the paint world through osmosis. My parents company, Homestead House launched their own Milk Paint line when I was just 3 years old! When I took over the family business in 2009 and began taking on renovation projects, I became fully immersed in the beauty of design and loved the creative freedom that came with collaboration – and before I knew it my colleagues and clients were coming to me for colour and design advice.

I created the OG Mineral Paint, Fusion Mineral Paint was the first of its kind in the DIY market. I wanted to create a product that came in a smaller size than a quart ( as most of it would get wasted on a project), but large enough to complete several painted pieces, I wanted a product that had a built in top coat and was exceptionally durable, but most of all I wanted a product that didn’t compromise on quality and performance, yet came at a fair price. I believe that everyone should have the ability to decorate a home they desire through a coat of paint. The power of paint, Paint is good for the soul, Not only do we transform a piece of furniture with a paint makeover, we are able to reignite within us a passion, unleash our creativity, invoke a sense of calm, a renewed sense of accomplishment, not to mention the financial savings with upcycling items in your home and keeping them from the landfill. The therapeutic aspects of painting have helped thousands around the world, We only sell to independently owned boutiques around the world. Our philosophy of supporting our local mom and pop shops stems from my very own experience growing up in this family business. Everything that I have created within this brand is in honour of my parents, and learning about the struggles of small business. We are here to help support small and local businesses.

I’ve had the great fortune of working with many incredible and talented people in the industry over the last 10 years. These experiences and my entrepreneurial nature led me to create Fusion Mineral Paint™ in 2014. My philosophy here is that anyone can Paint it Beautiful™ so I developed a product that made upcycling as easy as could be. Open the container of Fusion™, and paint!

At the end of the day, it is incredible to come back to a place that feels comfortable and oh-so-‘you.’ My goal is to inspire you create your own beautiful space at home.


I love all things travel and food, but I never stray too far from all things Fusion™. Over the past couple of years, I have travelled across North America and Europe personally meeting over 500 retailers face-to-face. I always try to combine my travel with visiting nearby retailers. I love just popping into a store unexpectedly. I remember doing this as a kid with my parents traveling across Ontario, seeing our stores displays and networking. Having that face-to-face time (even if it’s over Zoom these days) means so much. 

We are not just a paint company, we’re a family supporting local jobs and the economy. Based in Canada, we are a family run company.